Yoga practice, according to your strength

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When practicing yoga postures, don't over force the movements to be in place, just stretch as much as possible. Keep the scale at the edge of the limit that you can bear. If you feel you can't do it, please don't reluctantly.


Although yoga is relatively peaceful, but after practice, the muscles will feel sore like other sports. Please don't panic. Gentle massage and patting relax tense muscles can relieve this state well. If you feel that your muscles can't be restored by massage at one time, you can use ice compress.


When practicing yoga, please keep practicing on an empty stomach.Yoga practice should be moderate, do not overdraw physical strength, insist. Please stop immediately if you feel unwell during the exercise. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the body.


Often, when practicing with a small partner, he hears the click of his joints. Don't be nervous, it means your joints are loosening, your exercises are effective, and your body becomes softer. But if for a certain period of time, the same part of the continuous response, and that part began to produce pain, please stop practicing, and tell your coach.


If there is severe pain in a part of the body during a certain posture, please stop immediately. The same posture can be done after the instructor's instruction. If the pain continues, please do not do this action for a short time.


Yoga postures usually start from one position and reach another position. Understand the process carefully. After reaching the required posture, please try to maintain the posture.Yoga's posture changes are step by step, and there are knots between the movements. Don't think that you are skilled in asanas, neglecting the process of practice and turning movements into habitual habits.






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