Yoga practice for MukhaSvana

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Yoga practice for MukhaSvana

Yoga practice, the MukhaSvana style is really a very high exit frequency of the posture, almost every yoga class, the teacher will take us to practice it.

Why is that?

The answer, of course, is that it has too many good effects for yogis to stop. So, what exactly is the effect of the MukhaSvana style?


1. It is a semi-inverted pose, the torso is placed very low in this pose and fully stretched, healthy blood is sent to the area, and there is no pressure on the heart, the whole head can also be well nourished, the mind more alert and facial blood circulation to strengthen, so as to have the effect of beauty.


2. When a person feels exhausted, staying in the pose for a longer period of time can eliminate fatigue and restore lost energy.


3. Practice the MukhaSvana style, can let the whole body's tension on the back side to get a complete stretch, so that the tension of the legs, waist and back area, heel stiffness to be completely relaxed and stretched, so as to make the body more light. This is one of the reasons why many gamma people feel comfortable and in a good state of mind after practicing the MukhaSvana style.


4. The MukhaSvana is the head upside-down handstand and other inverted posture of the preparation practice, want upside down and other inverted posture of the gamma, you can start from the MukhaSvana style, and for those who dare not try the head upside down such as the inverted posture of the gamma, this pose can be a good replacement, the effect of the same lever.






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