Yoga practice, please dig deep into its inner...

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Yoga is there, no joy, no harm.

We didn't say that yoga can cure a hundred diseases, we just said that yoga is a way of doing things that mediates health.


We also did not say that yoga is a kind of acrobatics in the pursuit of difficult posture, we just say that yoga is a way of life that relaxes the body, mind and soul.


We said that the body is just a bridge, and finding the truth in this way is the ultimate meaning of yoga.


Yoga does not cause alarmist damage, and any sports injury cannot be attributed to the movement itself.


Yoga is there, please go deep into its inner


Yoga is like spring, giving people a new life and hope, it is so mysterious, and so easy to be close, it is worth everyone through their own body and mind with a lifetime of time to slowly understand.


Yoga brings you is not just external so simple, it is not a simple movement, it pays more attention to the inside, can touch the human mind.


Yoga is there, no increase, you practice, but can enrich you


After practicing yoga, it is clear that your heart is calmer more than ever. Not as unsettling and nervous as it used to be, captured by the city's glitz, not knowing what he really wants, and making his life more difficult to control with the vagaries of the mood.

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After yoga, you feel more happy than ever, a joy that comes from a change in your heart. For things will not be as extreme as before, more willing to see the good side of all things, can try to see the world with a peaceful heart. Impetuousness decreases, so does the trouble, and people become more quiet, more energetic, more autonomous.


Yoga practice gives me a quieter brain, focused eyes, more open and inclusive heart, give me courage, let me overcome idleness, the courage to face problems and challenges, help me to remove impetuous, give me joy and peace and rise the corners of the mouth, practice, happy, metamorphosis!

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