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3 Tips for Better Posture!

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The most common incorrect posture in life is like the one on the left side of the picture below: a hunched back and a head stretched forward will cause low back pain, a growing belly, a hunched chest.


In order to adjust bad posture, except for the regular yoga practice, you should also pay attention to the following 3 points.


1. Lower the chin



·This subtle movement can neutralize the normal movement of neck extension.


·Gently close the teeth together, and slowly and gently slide the back of your head back-about 0.5-2.5 cm-don't raise or lower your head, keep it level until you feel the pressure on the back of your neck.


2. Adduction in the middle back


·Open your hands outwards, bend your elbows, palms facing up. The shoulder blades are adducted.


·You will feel the chest and the front of your shoulders stretch. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times.


If you feel a lot of pain, relax a little bit and only feel a slight tension. If it still hurts, lower your arm and gradually raise it after a week.


3. Rotate the pelvis


·This technique trains the pelvis to support your spine. Stand up, relax your hips, and relax your hips naturally.


·Place your thumb on the bottom of your ribs and your fingers on your hip bones. Tuck your hips down and lift your hip bones up toward your ribs. Hold for 5 seconds, then repeat 3 times.







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