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4 Tips To Ease Neck Pain And Stiffness

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Working for long hours on a desk, or having a poor sleeping posture can lead to neck pain and stiffness. Though it is recommended that your work desk should be at your eye level, it is not always possible to follow the advice. Well, not just poor sitting and sleeping posture but also excessive stress can cause stiffness in your neck. At times, even carrying an excessive load can lead to such complications. People who suffer from spondylitis, a type of inflammatory disease that affects spinal bone and large joints, face neck pain quite often. During a chat with Hindustan Times, Yoga and Ayurveda Lifestyle Specialist and the founder of Yoganama, Namita Piparaiya shared some useful Yoga tips to aid your stiff neck.

Do stretching exercises

Stretching is not just good for your neck but also for the overall body. However, don’t forget to regularly stretch and strengthen the muscles around the neck. The neck is connected to your upper back, therefor when you release stiffness from the neck, it helps to mobilise the shoulders too.

There are a number of joint movement exercises in Yoga. The shoulder circles, both clockwise and anticlockwise, should be done regularly for improving mobility and flexibility in the shoulders. It is best if you do it in the morning.


Backbends are very helpful in releasing stress off the shoulders. If you are a beginner, you can simply start with this - stand with hands around your waist, now slowly push your upper body backward. You can lie down upside down on the yoga mat, place your palms near your shoulders, push them down and lift your upper body. However, one of the most helpful backbends for releasing neck stiffness is the Cobra stretch. Lie down in a prone position and place your palms underneath your shoulder blades, now lift your upper body with your palms still touching the ground and look up. Hold for a few seconds and then lift your lower body with your feet stationed on the ground. Hold the body in this position and slowly come back to the starting point. Regular practice will help you nail the Cobra pose.

Neck stretches

Bend the neck to either side, one at a time, and hold a few breaths before changing. You can also bend the neck to the side, and take the opposite side hand behind the back – it is particularly helpful for most people with neck pain.






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