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5 secrets to keeping regular yoga practice

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1. Purpose

When our practice has profound meanings such as improving ourselves, contacting higher energy, finding inner peace, etc., then we will all make completely different and more powerful yoga movements.

2. Perseverance

By returning to the yoga mat time and time again, our practice must go deeper. We can stretch better and we can find the surrounding energy more freely. The things we didn't observe clearly become clear at this moment. Like anything in life, like finding the key to success.

3. Patience

If your practice does not go well on a certain day, it is normal. Go on, lighten the burden, give yourself a long rest, and then remember that simply sitting on the yoga mat is an exercise in itself.

4. Pleasant

If you want to maintain regular yoga practice, you must enjoy everything you do on the yoga mat. When you stretch, enjoy it as if a cat just woke up. If you have a bad day, give yourself a chance to practice your favorite movements. Let your practice be full of fun and joy.

5. Passion

Enthusiasm, which has a similar meaning to pleasure, is a word from the Greek "full of God". When you practice with a positive attitude and separate from other things at this moment, then you obviously have to bring yourself back to the sense of sacredness time and time again. This is the original meaning of yoga, isn't it?

The most important thing to keep regular practice is to maintain the right attitude and give yourself the opportunity to do this with great gratitude. Through this vision, you will truly want to practice yoga, not as a trivial matter. We all give time for what we want!






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