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what about flow yoga with a faster conversion speed?

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It is easier to keep deep breathing in a static or slow asana, but what about flow yoga with a faster conversion speed? That's more difficult.

Many practitioners, especially beginners, get confused when they breathe quickly. When breathing is chaotic, movements will follow chaos. So how do you keep breathing deeply in this situation?


Relax and prolong your breath

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Tension will increase breathing, so the first step is to relax. Feel the body, exert even force, the more relaxed the lighter.

Stay relaxed, the lungs can enter more air, can transport more oxygen to the body, and perform more stable movements.


Create space for diaphragmatic breathing

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Shrugging and hunching make it more difficult for the lungs to enter air, and it is more difficult for the diaphragm to actively assist breathing. Therefore, the spine remains stretched, the chest cavity opens, and the abdomen opens, creating space for breathing.

However, some postures, such as forward bending and folding, can squeeze the breathing space. At this time, you need to focus on breathing and create space.


Find your rhythm

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Sometimes, in order to keep up with the teacher, I mess up my rhythm. In fact, don't be afraid of not being able to keep up with the teacher's rhythm. The teacher's years of skill are there, and you don't have to force it.

Listen to your own body's voice and find your own rhythm so that you won't hurt your body. Your body is the best teacher.

If the pace is too fast in class, stop and rest. Slow down and be safer. When you are ready, continue. The lungs can be filled with more air for the muscles to work.


Stay aware

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Breath is the bridge between the body and consciousness. By learning to control breathing, you can control the rhythm and consciousness of the body. The fast-paced class gives you an opportunity to find the connection between the body and the breath.

In the current yoga class, the teacher will tell you when to inhale and when to exhale. Slowly keep up, use your comfortable breathing depth, and slowly deepen your breathing.


Breath adjustment exercises outside class

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The best way is to adjust your interest rate before class. You can also do some breathing methods to make your breathing more stable and deep, so that you can keep breathing deeply in class, regardless of the rhythm.






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