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  • How to Practice Yin Yoga Well

    Different kinds of yoga are suitable for different people. Sometimes, the kind you hate may be exactly what you need. For example, Yin Yoga, which takes a long time to maintain asana, is difficult for people who are stiff and impatient. One is that they can't calm down, and the other is that the pos

  • 2 Tips to Focus in Yoga

    Many people say that it is difficult to focus when practicing yoga, there will always be a lot of distractions. So, how to focus on when you practice yoga?

  • What's the most difficult part for yoga practice?

    What is the hardest posture of yoga? The answer may be different for different people.图1But what's the hardest step in yoga?Everybody may have the same answer.That's persistence.Stick to the step of stepping on a yoga mat every day图2Yoga is hard.It's not the body shape.It's persistence.Because even

  • If You Really Love Yoga

    If you really love yoga, you don't feel right if you don't practice for a day, you feel there was something wanting if you don't practice for three days, and you feel bad if you don't practice for five days.

  • Why Yoga Isn't Working for You

    You've been practicing yoga for a long time, Why is your body still so stiff / powerless? Why are you still too fat or too thin? Why can't you still stand on your head?Why is the mood still fluctuating? So, it's time to ask yourself these questions. Do you ...

  • Do yoga, is it necessary to sweat?

    Do yoga, is it necessary to sweat? When the ambient temperature is too high, or the intensity of the practice, your body will naturally sweat, some people enjoy the practice of yoga sweating profusely, more sweat enhance the psychological effect.

  • 9 tips from an experienced yoga teacher

    Here are 9 tips from an experienced yoga teacher. Learn to pay attention to the breath, and focus on the inner change in a one-piece transformation, along with the breath and energy flow.If you're a beginner, don't worry if you can't catch your breath at first. Just breathe naturally and don't hold your breath

  • Benefits of Persisting Yoga Practice

    Persisting yoga practice. The world will reward you with a healthy body. No more sore back pain. No more shoulder and neck strain.

  • Obstacles in yoga practice

    Many people think that yoga practice is very difficult, always think that every master is mysterious, there must be some special method of practice.In fact, the obstacles that most affect our practice are always easy to overcome. As long as we have the right concept and keep practicing, everyone can benefit a lot.

  • This is yoga.

    Good morning Or evening.10 minutes is good, 90 minutes is better you just take some time to practice yoga and you won't live up to your efforts.Less practice than not practice this is yoga

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